An Affiliate Linking Website

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing in which the affiliates receive a commission on each visit, sign-up, or sale they generate for a merchant.

This affiliate linking website is for listing the products of other websites with their affiliate URLs. The admin of this affiliate website can control the overall website, like adding, editing, activation/inactivation of categories, listing products with affiliate URLs, and updating the existing list on the website.

In the user portal, the user can visit the home page of the affiliate linking website, access the menus, search the product, and categories, and similarly, the user can access the product page on product page he/she can search and see the product list with the affiliate URL redirection of the product. The users can visit the detail page of the website where they can see the product details with affiliate website URLs where they can click and get purchase any product from that affiliate website.

  1. Admin Dashboard
    1. Category
      1. Add/ Edit/ Inactive
    2. Sub Category
      1. Add/ Edit/ Inactive
    3. Products
      1. Listing
      2. Insert New [Pictures, Title, Short Description, Long Description, Amazon Affiliate Url, Price, and other Details] or use a word editor
      3. Update Existing
      4. Inactive
  2. User Portal
    1. Home Page
      1. Simple Pages Menu
      2. Search
      3. Categories
      4. Sub Categories
    2. Product Page
      1. Search
      2. Product Listing [Amazon Affiliate Url Redirection]
    3. Detail Page
      1. Product Detail [Amazon Affiliate Url Redirection]

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