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Nowadays, the cattle farming is being a worthwhile region in the increase of our nation. Therefore, many are getting concerned in the cattle farming business. Cattle Management System (CMS) is a machine that fulfills the wants of a machine for cattle farming. Cattle Management System (CMS) has features such as edit cattle record, replace the expanses of the cattle farm and replace the immune desk for the cattle. The prototype of CMS enables the customers to control the cattle farm. The methodology that will be used to develop CMS is Software Development Life Cycle that fits the net primarily based system development. The scripting language for Cattle Care Form is VB.Net, developed in Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2008. The database for Cattle Care Form or (CMS) was once created by way of the usage of Microsoft SQL Server 2005. This machine is to be used via the administrator and staff, who is the farmer in the Cattle Care form.


Cattle are domesticated ungulate mammal animals. Cattle are Bovine subfamily and originated from Bos genus. In many places, cattle are been raised properly by means of the farmers for the pork and dairy products, which is profitable. Besides that, cattle which are recognized as livestock, additionally act as draft animals, it pulls carts and plows. Cattle as properly saved for other products such as leather-based and dung manure or fuel. This displays the essential of cattle business in modern life. Cattle Management System (CMS) is a device for the cattle farmers that can ease the cattle management. CMS acts as report keeper for the farmer to supervise the cattle farmer. CMS additionally helps the farmer to examine the fitness stage of the cattle. Besides that, CMS or Cattle Care Form can be referred as a recommendation for new cattle fanner to be acquainted with the cattle development and the management.

Problem Statement

Nowadays, many new farmers are no longer conscious about the actual way of jogging and caring a cattle farmer. Those human beings of olden days are skilled by means of the antecedent about the cattle rising and development. This is additionally due to the tradition, the place the cattle, caring is carried out through a household and being thinking to the younger in order to maintain it as the family business. Appropriate to the science improvement many these human beings who did the cattle rising as their household, commercial enterprise was once no longer working towards it anymore. At this instant, the cattle farming is being very worthwhile quarter in the increase of our nation. A perceptive system is appropriate to guide such situation. Thus, many are taking up this cattle farming as their commercial enterprise for these ages. However, there are some who are inexperience in this field and they want lot of hints earlier than getting contain in cattle farming.

Organization of Thesis

Those days, cattle are managed manually via farmers. The different physical appearances of every cow are used via the farmer as the cattle identification. The cattle behavior and grazing is used as the information of understanding the cattle fitness and preceding condition. At that time, cattle are being properly determined and studied by way of the farmer in order to be aware of and be aware the data that wanted to run the administration appropriately. Moreover, many had been professional about the cattle farming and elevating through their household and forebear at that era. CattleMaxCs assist all the facts about the cattle management. CattleMaxCs support and preserve many ample statistics about cattle management. The quantity of cows can be usually up to date through the use of CattleMaxCs if there is any cow born or dead. CattleMaxCs keeps the adequate information about the cattle and its improvement. Furthermore, the fitness can be monitored via CattleMaxCs gadget and it will be recorded in the database. CattleMaxCs helps the farmers to hold an eye on the increase of cattle and the improvement of the management.


i. Development Methodology

A machine improvement methodology in software program engineering is a framework that is used to structure, plan, and manipulate the method of growing a records system. This framework consists of more than one tool, fashions and techniques which help system development.

ii. Software Development Life Cycle

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is any logical method used to develop a statistics system, consisting of requirements, validation, training, and the person’s ownership. SDLC is additionally acknowledged as the method of developing or altering systems, and the fashions and methodologies that used to increase systems. The idea typically refers to laptop or information systems. In general, the phrases concerned in SDLC are Planning, Analysis, Design, implementation and Maintenance. Each of these phases is linked in a cycle form beginning of Planning phases and ends at Maintenance phases.

iii. Planning

At this stage, the desires of the challenge are determined. Projects are typically evaluated in three areas of feasibility: economical, operational, and technical. It is also used as a reference to hold the mission on music and to consider the growth of the system. This segment is additionally known as the evaluation phase.

iv. Analysis

This step includes breaking down the device in one-of-a-kind portions and drawing diagrams to analyze the situation. Analyze venture goals, destroy down features that need to be created, and try to interact customers so that specific necessities can be defined. Requirement gathering every so often require person from purchaser as properly as service provider facet to get a specified and correct requirements.

v. Design

The plan stage takes as its preliminary enter the necessities recognized in the approved necessities document. For every requirement, a set of one or greater design elements will be produced as an end result of interviews, workshops, and/or prototype efforts.

vi. Implementation

Modular and subsystem programming code will be achieved at some point of this stage. The code is examined at a range of degrees in software program testing. Unit checking out and module trying out are done in this stage by using the developers. System and consumer acceptance trying out are often performed also.

vii. Maintenance

Maintaining the gadget is an essential component of SDLC. As key personnel change positions in the organization, new adjustments will be implemented, which will require system updates.

viii. Objective

The goals of this venture are to:

  1. L Develop a prototype web-based machine for cattle management.
  2. ii. Develop a facts administration secern for cattle farm.
  3. iii. Provide fundamental records about cattle management.
  4. iv. To practice 10 Heuristics in designing interface via Jacob Nielson.


The scopes of this assignment are:

  1. L The device is developed as courses for the new farmers in Malaysia.
  2. ii. The customers of this machine are specially cattle farmers, who take cares of cattle for
  3. its red meat and dairy; and for these who are fascinated to be aware of about the going for walks of
  4. cattle production.
  5. iii. The gadget is developed to supply the channel for strolling the cattle farm.
  6. iv. This gadget will be developed the use of Visual Studio.NET.

What is the system of management in cattle?

According to FAO there are three main livestock management systems: mixed production. intensive farming systems “landless” extensive production system.

What is best Cattle Care Form app?

An application designed to manage livestock farms of extensive cattle herd. It allows to take full control of cows and calves. The main objective is that the farmer knows all the information about his cattle in situ without any other support. Additionally, VacApp works without an internet connection.

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