Clinical System or Web Application

This clinical system is a system for clinics that keeps records of patients, clinics, and staff of the clinics.

Clinics Registrations

In this system, the clinics can register themself, update the record listing of clinics, can search for clinics, and inactive or Delete the clinic.

User Management

Users can register and gets login on to the system and get listed. Set the security checkups, can see the profile information, can update the profile, search, and Inactive or Delete.


In scheduling, the user can make new appointments, get the agenda, appointments can view the calendar wise (Day/ Week/ Month), can print the appointment on paper, the user can search for appointments, and can add patients.


In the staff the user can add new staff, the listing of the staff, search for the staff, filter the data, view the schedule of the staff, assign the clinic to the staff, send Emails, Update the data of the staff, and Inactive/ Delete the staff.


In the patient section, the user can add new patients, list the patients, filter the data of the patients, assign the clinic to the patients, can register the new contact of the patient, Update the data of the patient, and inactive or delete the patients.

System Breakdown

  1. Clinics Registration
    1. Registration
    2. Update
    3. Listing
    4. Search
    5. Inactive/Delete
  2. User Management
    1. Registration
    2. Login
    3. Listing
    4. Forgot Password
    5. Security Checkups
    6. Profile Info
    7. Updates Profile
    8. Search
    9. Inactive/Delete
  3. Scheduling
    1. New Appointment
    2. Agenda
    3. Calendar View (Day/Week/Month)
    4. Print
    5. Jump
    6. Set Calendar View
    7. Search
    8. Add Patient
  4. Staff
    1. New Staff
    2. Listing
    3. Search
    4. Filtering
    5. View Schedule
    6. Assign Clinic
    7. Send Email
    8. Select Column
    9. Update
    10. Inactive/Delete
  5. Patient
    1. New Patient
    2. Listing
    3. Search
    4. Filtering
    5. Assign Clinic
    6. New Contact Registration
    7. Search Contact
    8. Patient Comments
    9. Update
    10. Inactive/Delete

System Requirements

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting: ASP.NET
  3. SQL Server 2019

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