Investment Platform Application

Information technologies have revolutionized the stock trading area. A few decades ago, the investment seemed to be complicated and required special education. Still, today with investment app development, it has become so simple that even teenagers can easily manage it. In the past, you had to call your broker to invest or trade your stocks. Today you can just use your mobile phone for making business transactions.

In general, an investing app is a software that assists in handling various investment-related activities. The investment app may include managing publicly traded financial information, getting professional recommendations, and handling assets.

The exact appearance of investing apps is different, depending on the exact investment task it solves. There are numerous budget trackers, stock trading platforms, or social media apps for finance-preoccupied communities on the market.

Network Investment Marketing is a very popular business model in Western countries. It is a kind of hybrid of the method of distribution of goods and the method of building a sales network. It is one of the safest (carries a very low risk) ways of conducting business activity. The knowledge about the functioning of this business model, both among theoreticians and practitioners, is still insufficient in Pakistan.

In recent years, smartphone-based trading applications that promise to “democratize investing” have shifted the stock market from being a territory exclusive to institutional and wealthy investors and opened it up to less privileged individuals.

Investment in this platform opens a three-level generation model. The third level means that the agent can get the commission share of the third level, and the part that exceeds the third level can not get the commission share. For example, if you are a member A of this platform, you will have the agency right after you perform the task of purchasing. The system will automatically form your member center and promote the exclusive QR code. Share your exclusive QR code by yourself.

B will register as a member by scanning the QR code. After performing the purchasing task, A will get B’s commission of 16%. At the same time, the system will automatically form B’s member center and exclusive QR code. C registered as a member by scanning the QR code, and after performing the purchasing task, B will receive 16% of C’s commission. A gets 8% of C; and so on, if D becomes a member through C, C gets 16%, B gets 8%, and A gets 4%.


Our main principle is providing you with the support and the advanced technology designed for you to learn and transform your dreams into achievements. Our business model combines assisted trading systems with algorithms in the Forex Market, Crypto Exchanges, Network Marketing, and Interactive Educational Programs, creating a unique experience for our global membership.


The investment landscape can be extremely dynamic and ever-evolving. But those who take the time to understand the basic principles and the different asset classes stand to gain significantly over the long haul.

Expected Outcome

  1. Trading Profit (on investment)
  2. Direct Referral Bonus (from investment)
  3. Indirect Referral Bonus (from investment)
  4. Unilevel Bonus (from investors’ profit)
  5. Rewards (by rank achievement)


We will search the market and will convince and train investors to invest in our app. We will invest in different businesses and will return shares to investors as well as the principal amount. At package expiry, they will receive their principal as well as earnings.

Technology Used

  1. MVC5
  2. SQL Server 2019
  3. HTML/CSS/Bootstrap

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