Security System or Web application

This security system has a lot of functionalities in its software requirements:

The configuration and user roles:

Which involves the super administrator that controls the system configuration, An Administrator who manages the access configuration i.e defining the system features, defining the routes, registering the user, assigning access to the users, blocking the user, creating the report of access list, can see the detail of user access, defining the dashboard cards, Assigning the dashboard cards to the user, and user dashboard card details.

In fee challan configuration the administrator is responsible to configure the parking tickets prices. The administrator can manage the announcements, blacklisting, E-Tag management, Bulk E-Tag, Bulk Card for students or staff, Allocating the E-Tag, Archiving or changing the E-Tag, Re-activation of the E-Tag, managing the challan of the VIP guests, management of visitor’s card, Management of importing and exporting.

Visitor Check-In

To Check-in the visitor the system needs the following information:

The name of the visitor, Gender of the visitor CNIC of the person, Driving License of the visitor, Passport Number, Permanent Address of the visitor, City, and District, and Mobile Number of the visitor, also capture the picture of the visitor through the Webcam.

Similarly, register the vehicle and capture a picture of the visitor’s vehicle and finally allocate the card, print the challan, and alert the notification with basic information that the visitor is allowed or blocked.

E-Tag Registration

In this section, the operator can register the E-Tag by entering the CNIC, Phone No, and Department whether the person is a student or staff, Capture the picture of the person, picture of the vehicle, Registration of the vehicle, and allocate a card or E-Tag.

Similarly, the visitor check-in card, also there will be the registration of expected visitors, the visitor Checks-in, then prints the fee challan, and he can block the visitor based on CNIC.

It notifies security when unauthorized visitors attempt to check in, and in the checkout, there will be Checkout Gate/Barrier Detail, and Disable the Gate/Barrier at a specific time.

The system can generate reports of visitor check-in/ checkout, Custom visitor check-in/ checkout, E-Tag check-in/ check-out, and Card check-in/ checkout reports.

And similarly, can manage daily visitors, department-wise visitors, Purpose wise visitors, Employee wise visitors, Company wise visitors, Frequent Visitors, Time in and Time out of the visitors, and Blacklist the visitors.


The system has a centralized digital dashboard for data analysis, real-time monitoring of yearly, monthly, and day-wise, real-time data analytics, and dashboard updates with rapid information sharing, real-time reports, and data available on the dashboard, Exactly know how many visitors are inside the premises, Instantly access records for every visitor, you can choose which details you need immediately, sort, filter, and export visitor details with a click, Easily see every guest’s previous visits, View analytics to reveal visitor trends, monitoring of visitors in the facility for receptionists, Search basic reporting for administrator, manage fee collected, and collection details.

Parking Management System

Parking management, shows the real-time monitoring of yearly, monthly, and day wise on the dashboard.

It exactly knows how many vehicles are inside the premises, it shows daily records, time-in and time-out, Hourly vise charges, weekly vise charges, and monthly vise charges, and takes the vehicle image from front and back.

Software Requirements

  1. Configuration and User Roles
    1. Super Administrator
      1. System Configuration
    2. Administrator
      1. Access Management Configuration
        1. Define System Feature
        2. Define Routes
        3. Register User
        4. Assign Access
        5. Block User
        6. Access List Report
        7. User Access Detail
        8. Define Dashboard Cards
        9. Assign Dashboard Cards to the user
        10. User Dashboard Card Detail
      2. Fee Challan Configuration [Parking Tickets Prices]
      3. Announcement (Marque) Management
      4. Blacklisting
      5. E-Tag Management
      6. Bulk E-Tag
      7. Bulk Card [Student/Staff]
      8. Allocate E-Tag
      9. Archive/Change E-Tag
      10. Re-Activate E-Tag
      11. VIP/Guest Challan Nil
      12. Visitor’s Card Management
      13. Data Import and export
      14. User/Operator
  2. Visitor Check-In [Anonymous]
    1. Name, Gender, CNIC/Driving License/ Book/Passport Number/ Permanent Address/ City and District / Mobile Number
    2. Capture Pictures through a Webcam
    3. Vehicle Registration
    4. Vehicle Picture
    5. Allocate Card
    6. Print Challan
    7. Alert Notification [Allowed/Blocked Checked with basic information]
  3. E-Tag Registration
    1. CNIC, Phone No. etc
    2. Department, Student/Staff
    3. Capture Picture
    4. Vehicle Picture
    5. Vehicle Registration
    6. Allocate Card/E-Tag
  4. E-Tag Check In
  5. Card Check In
  6. Expected Visitor Registration
  7. Expected Visitor Check In
  8. Print Fee Challan
  9. Block Visitor [CNIC based]
  10. Notify security when unauthorized visitors attempt to check-in
  11. Checkout
    1. Checkout Gate/Barrier Detail
    2. Disable Gate/Barrier at specific time slot
  12. Visitor/ETag/Card Checked In Cards Dashboard
  13. Visitor Check-In/Check-out Report
  14. Custom visitor Check In/Check out Report
  15. E-Tag Check In/Check out Report
  16. Card Check-In/Check-out Report
  17. Daily Visitors
  18. Department Wise Visitors
  19. Purpose Wise Visitors
  20. Employee Wise Visitors
  21. Company Wise Visitors
  22. Frequent Visitors
  23. Time In and Time Out
  24. Blacklist Visitors
  25. Export/Print
  26. Dashboard
    1. Centralized digital dashboard for data analysis
    2. Real-time monitoring of yearly, monthly, and day-wise on the dashboard.
    3. Data analytics on real-time and dashboard updates, with rapid information sharing
    4. Real-time reports and data available on the dashboard
    5. Precisely know how many visitors are inside the premises
    6. Instantly access records for every visitor
    7. Choose which details you need immediately
    8. Sort, filter, and export visitor details with a click
    9. Quickly see every guest’s previous visits
    10. View analytics to reveal visitor trends
    11. Monitoring of visitors in a facility for receptionists (list easily printable)
    12. Search/basic reporting for administrator
    13. Fee collected
    14. Collection Detail
  27. Parking Management System
    1. Real-Time Monitoring of Yearly, Monthly, and Day Wise on the Dashboard
    2. Exactly Know How Many Vehicles Are Inside the Premises
    3. Daily Record
    4. Time In and Time Out
    5. Hourly Vise Charges
    6. Weekly Vise Charges
    7. Monthly Vise Charges
    8. Vehicle Images Front & Back

System Requirements

  1. Hardware Devices
  2. Domain
  3. Hosting: ASP.NET
  4. SQL Server 2019


  1. Visitor management, Parking (Fee Collection), and Hardware Integration with the system will be delivered in 50 days.
  2. The remaining Module with reporting will be delivered in the next 20 days.
  3. The total time required for system development is 70 days.


1. 24X7 support of the system for the current client will be provided for 06 months.
Note: System will be elaborated using wireframes and screens after MLA on the above requirements.

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