The Neom City Development and How it will Transform the Future of Saudi Arabia

The $100 billion project will transform Saudi Arabia and the broader region. Neom city is a futuristic city being heralded as the world’s most ambitious project, and it promises to bring unprecedented economic growth and prosperity to the Kingdom.

The NEOM city
The NEOM city | Get this image on: | Credit: NEOM

Introduction: The Future of Saudi Arabia and Neom City Development

Saudi Arabia has been making headlines for their ambitious project called Neom City. It is an ambitious project that will change the future of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia aims to become a global leader in innovation and technology, and they are looking to do so by building a $500 billion futuristic city from scratch. This new city will be powered by renewable energy and will have more robots than people living in it, according to the company’s website.

The idea behind this new city is to create an environment where people can live, work and play without having to worry about traffic, pollution, or crime.” Saudi Arabia’s future looks promising with the ambitious Neom City Project about to begin construction. The Kingdom is focused on providing a high quality of life for their citizens and has invested billions in developing infrastructure for this project.

Ultra Luxury Mansions
Ultra Luxury Mansions | Get this image on: | Credit: NEOM

What does NEOM stand for?

The name “NEOM” is derived from two words. The NEO from the Ancient Greek prefix neo-meaning “new”. The ‘M’ is from the abbreviation of Mostaqbal, an Arabic word meaning “future”. As the name suggests, it will be the land of the future where the best ideas, most promising start-ups, established companies, future industries, and the best talents are joined to create solutions for the challenges facing humanity.

WORLD-CLASS QUALITY OF LIFE | Get this image on: | Credit: NEOM

What is Neom City? A Glimpse into the Innovation Hubs & Spaces that are Inventing the Future:

The city of tomorrow is here. Neom is a futuristic city in the desert, designed with sustainable development in mind. It will be an eco-friendly city that is powered by renewable energy and will have no carbon footprint.

Mountains and Lakes of NEOM city
Mountains and Lakes of NEOM City. | Get this image on: | Credit: NEOM

Neom city is the world’s first “smart” city. It will combine innovative technologies like driverless cars, IoT and AI with a futuristic new eco-friendly design to create a sustainable transformation in the way we live, work and play.

Who is investing in NEOM city?

The project has attracted investment from a range of global partners, such as SoftBank and Deutsche Bank.

Is NEOM city real?

Saudi Arabia planned to build the world’s largest structure in Neom in Tabuk province north-western Saudi Arabia. The project named “Mirror Line” and is expected to cost $1 Trillion.

Neom city’s Worldchanging Masterplan for Innovation in the Middle East:

In a region as tightly controlled as the Middle East, it is no easy task to foster new ideas and innovations. But Neom’s Worldchanging Masterplan for Innovation in the Middle East is poised to challenge this status quo.

Islands of NEOM city
Islands of NEOM city | Get this image on: | Credit: NEOM

With the recent changes in government, Saudi Arabia has opened its doors to more foreign investment. This has led to a new wave of industries and opportunities for business development.

Saudi Arabia is a promising and exciting investment opportunity, but the country’s investment climate is often misunderstood. Neom Investments was founded in Saudi Arabia in order to provide services and support for global investors looking to capitalize on this country’s growth.

Mirror Line side-scrapper planned in Saudi Arabia:

The crown prince Mohammad’s dream, having something equivalent to Egypt’s pyramids, the architect comes up with the structure of two buildings up to 1,600 feet tall and 75 miles long, similar to the size of the US state of Massachusetts, which will be going through Red sea coastline, mountains, and desert.

Structure of building:

The buildings are parallel to each other and connected by walkways and boast that any location within the city will be accessible via a five minutes walk and the longest journey will be a maximum of 20 minutes, and a high-speed train will run beneath. As planned it will be with no cars and streets and zero pollution.

Structure of building
Structure of Building | Get this image on: | Credit: NEOM

The building will be cumulative of allied farming. In addition, the buildings have a sports sodium which will be up to 1000 feet above the ground. It also has a marina, an arch in the two buildings, for yachts.

As The Wall Street Journal reports the buildings will accommodate 5 million people, and urban planners are working to increase the population of the line further by another million.

Who designed the Neom city Mirror Line:

Mirror Line is designed by US-based Morphosis Architects and the project has nine other designs and engineering consultancies.

They proposed that they will build it in stages by creating the first 790 meter-long structures and heights up to 490 meters that will connect in a line.

Prince Mohammad unveiled in 2017, that Neom is Saudi Arabia’s flagship business and tourism development on the Red sea coast, in the 2030 vision outlining the kingdom’s plans to variegate the economy.

What the project locates:

The project locates smart towns and cities, ports and enterprise areas, research centers, sports and entertainment venues, and tourist centers. The Crown Prince wants the city to be a destination for foreign investment as well as a center for new jobs.

SKi Village
Ski village | Get this image on: | Credit: NEOM

In completion of 2025, it will spread 26,500 square kilometers and will contain several zones, including industrial and logistic areas.

Neom’s head of tourism said, the people are expected to begin arriving in 2024, and the area is for predicted to be home to millions in 2030.

Features of Mirror Line:

The unique features of the Mirror Line will be its eight-sided buildings. It will contain a mountain resort and a suspended sports complex, a marina to dock yachts, and will have vertical farming integrated into the building to feed the five million people it intends to house.


When will the project complete?

MBS claimed that the project will be completed in 2030, but some engineers say it could take almost fifty years to be completed.

If they succeed in building it, it will be truly a structure like nothing else in the world as MBS desires. The pressure is high as the Prince wants it completed by 2030, to hurtle with his national transformation plan. The other challenge is on populating it. On his end, the prince aims and plans to attract the “world’s greatest minds and best talents” to the world’s best-paying jobs in what he touts to be “the world’s most livable city”.

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