WhatsApp user? Change your settings to stop Cyber Attack

WhatsApp Cyber Attacks: Follow these instructions to change your settings to avoid cyber scams.

The top target for hackers and cybercriminals is the Meta-owned messaging network WhatsApp, which has more than two billion users. You must be extremely careful with your privacy settings if you use WhatsApp. Using the wrong settings might expose you to unnecessary dangers, including cybersecurity problems and data hacking. Due to this, cybersecurity experts advise WhatsApp users to change their settings.

Users of WhatsApp must be aware that they do not need to exert any more effort to address cybersecurity risks. All they need to do is modify WhatsApp’s settings.

It’s time to freeze your account if you’re concerned that someone could be spying on your WhatsApp communications.

Cyber experts told The Sun that the best way to ensure the security of your communications on WhatsApp is to turn on specific security features.

As soon as feasible, implement two-step verification. Credit: The Sun/WhatsApp.

The setting that should be turned on the most is two-factor authentication, according to Tom Davidson, senior director at cybersecurity company Lookout and a security expert.

According to Tom, this is the first defense against someone attempting to access your messages by setting up your number on another device.

Users will need to enter a PIN if this option is turned on in order for the number to be connected to WhatsApp. If someone manages to get their hands on your login and password, it offers additional protection.

To prevent hackers from accessing your accounts, two-step verification may be required. However, don’t finish there. WhatsApp is rich with smart privacy-protecting features.

Many of these are hidden in your settings’ Privacy section. According to Tom, you may set up various privacy-related options in this section, including who can view your profile and status.

Additionally, you may set up a screen lock and disable read receipts. not just that. According to cyber expert Brian Higgins, you should exercise caution if you often upgrade your phone.

Resetting your privacy to factory settings after downloading WhatsApp on a new device is important to keep in mind, Brian, a security expert at Comparitech, told The Sun. Your privacy settings should be reviewed and updated often. Additionally, you should periodically “weed” your contact list.

Anything that you don’t recognize or haven’t used in a while should be gotten rid of. There is some more important security advice that you might use. The first is ensuring you always have the most recent software updates installed on your phone and your apps.

WhatsApp Settings To Avoid Cyber Attack on WhatsApp: Step Wise Guide

According to Tom Davidson, senior director at the cybersecurity firm Lookout, turning on WhatsApp’s two-step verification options is the most important setting to stop cyberattacks.

  • Go to your WhatsApp settings.
  • Click on the first option ‘Account’.
  • Go to the Two-Step Verification.
  • Enable it and it will ask you to enter a six-digit pin.
  • Enter a six-digit pin according to your choice and confirm it.
  • Add an email address or skip this step.
  • If you add an email address, confirm it, and save the settings.

Now that you have updated your WhatsApp settings, this will help you avoid cyberattacks and scams.

What to do if someone has access to your WhatsApp Account?

Would you intentionally leave the door unlocked before going to work? Most likely not. You might potentially do that with your WhatsApp account if you don’t take the proper security measures.

Without your knowledge, someone may be able to view every communication you send and receive if you are not careful. The impostor may even send messages on your behalf. Here is what you should do if you believe someone has access to your WhatsApp.

Log out of WhatsApp Web: It’s possible that you once used WhatsApp Web and forgot to log out. Open WhatsApp and click on the three dots in the upper right to see if you’re still logged in. Choose “Linked Devices.”

You will see a log-out option if you haven’t already logged out of your account. The other person will be able to see all of your messages as long as you are logged in. Anyone with access to your account will no longer be able to see your messages if you tap on the linked device and tap Log out.

Protect Your Account and Enable Two-Step Verification: You may further secure your account by turning on the two-step verification Whatsapp feature. Click the three dots in the upper right corner and select Settings to configure this. Click “Enable two-step verification” under “Account.”

How to Keep Others Out of Your WhatsApp Account?

Make sure to log out of WhatsApp Web as soon as you’re through using it to prevent anyone from accessing your account. By selecting WhatsApp Web from the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen, you may periodically ensure that you are not currently signed into any other sessions.

Try to keep your display unlocked for as little time as possible. You may accomplish this by selecting 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute under Settings > Display > Screen timeout. It also helps to use an app lock. The app lock would need a passcode that you would know only if someone took hold of your phone and tried to access your chats.

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