Q-commerce Pioneer Krave Mart Partners with Infobip to Elevate Customer Service via WhatsApp

Pakistan’s Krave Mart, a flourishing Q-commerce business, continues to pave the way for transformation by offering novel options for customer interaction.

Krave Mart collaborated with Infobip, a worldwide cloud communications platform that enables businesses to design connected experiences across all stages of the customer journey, to provide their consumers with immediate access to crucial information through WhatsApp utilizing a chatbot solution. This was accomplished in an effort to improve CX and provide their clients with even more ease.

Infobip is the finest option for scaling client communication across the most popular channels, including SMS, Email, Voice, Whatsapp Business, Messenger, and many others. Infobip has links with over 700 direct operators on six different continents. Customers and Krave Mart interact on WhatsApp to share exclusive deals like codes and discounts for everyday orders.

Regarding the collaboration and the company’s most recent advancements, Krave Mart’s co-founder and CEO, Haziq Ahmed, said the following: “The continual need for innovation is what makes our service distinctive. We aim to meet each of the needs of the contemporary client by continuously evaluating their needs.”

“Customers place a premium on convenient and simple communication, therefore we made the decision to give WhatsApp, the chat software they currently use and like, extra benefits for them. To meet our aim of offering superior service and a positive client experience, we will keep going above and beyond,” he added.

According to Safder Merchant, the country manager for Infobip Pakistan, “At Infobip, we help our customers in speeding the pace of innovation, cutting down on time to market, and generating really engaging consumer experiences. We are thrilled to partner with one of the industry’s pioneers, Krave Mart, and support them as they strive to offer a better service.”

Thanks to our stable platform and cloud architecture, “digital-first organizations can send enormous quantities of communications and digital interactions at fast speed with low latency and best-in-class delivery rates,” the CEO said.

What is Q-commerce?

Q-commerce, standing for “quick commerce,” usually referred to as on-demand or rapid delivery, describes firms that can deliver products (primarily groceries) in as little as 10 minutes or less than an hour.

The expansion of these businesses is being fueled by shifting customer behavior since the epidemic and increased expectations, claims Global Data’s research on q-commerce. Additionally, there has been a change in client loyalty—or, rather, a shattering of it—with customers being more likely to make purchases from a variety of online businesses.

Andrew Norman, Managing Director of Shipstation, emphasized how swiftly this transition happened when speaking at this week’s eCommerce Expo event.

Actually, he claimed, people relaxed more in the early stages of the pandemic. “The Amazon ‘immediate gratification’ effect was more relaxing, and customers were more ready to wait.” Fast delivery was once again in high demand as customers grew accustomed to purchasing online and store competition increased.

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